Sunday, August 22, 2010


Method 3: Forums are your friend!

Ahh yes forums my favorite place to get downloads from. So what we're gonna do for this method is find any porn forum and copy a few porn passwords that people post up. If you just look around at a few places like you'll find a few passwords. Now go ahead and copy those passwords into a text document and archive it with winrar. Here's where we're going to do things a little differently. Most people will go and outright post these files on the forums with your download link.
Now this will bring in a few bucks, but when the passwords run out or someone sees a few postings about how they already use these passwords, your thread is pretty much dead. Instead your going to sign up to as many porn forums as you can and place your download link in your signatur with anchor text such as "Free GangBros Passwords." Then just post all over the place saying things like "Wow nice video" or "Thanks for the videos" stuff like that so people will see your name and signature. If the forum will not allow your download link in the signature just make a free blogger blog with the download link on there and have your signature redirect them there with the same achor text. You will see huge traffic with this method, trust me everyone wants free porn passwords!

(Please be patient when read this site, you will never regret your time)