Sunday, August 22, 2010


Based on my experience, i don't know it's true or not. But, if you get more peers, you can increase numbers of your connection and it can speed up your download. To get more peers, you can add more trackers. So you can search trackers to get more trackers. I will give numbers of trackers, maybe some of them have no work any more, but many of them still work...

http://localhost:6969/announce 087

http://my.tracker:6969/announce a4d

http://6cmxn6hux5b14yrr.tracker.tor...rg/announce.php ae8 8b7 f6e c5e

http://13nuhvixat4hsa7f.tracker.tor...rg/announce.php 27c cab 04e 5fc 1c1 ae1 71d

http://60r5847dh28y507rkq006u69z2f9...69/announce.php 431 c9b 430

http://a4tjmz20lil7ip0y.tracker.tor...rg/announce.php c06 70d ffd e20

http://afef175fe7d118ebe3c6dc6f4d4f... /announce.php


http://kcp6vi21lfh4kyqb.tracker.tor...rg/announce.php d3f 5f9 ff3 8dd 0d0 345 490




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