Sunday, August 22, 2010

FIFTH STEP - ShareCash

Method 4: Roms and Emulators

This is my biggest money maker by far, and its actually pretty easy to set up. The only reason that this is the most advanced method is because it requires a few things such as a website, hosting and some experience in creating a website and making it look decent. If you can make this method happen you will see a huge amount of downloads come through. What you do is search for nintendo ds roms and emulators in google.
Now when you find a good site just download as many as you can. I use a few sites to download ds roms, but starting up I just went to mininova and downloaded a huge file with like 100+ ds roms. This got my site off the ground much faster and took the hassle out of downloading a 100 or so files seperately. Just upload all the files to sharecash seperately and post them on your new website. If you keep your site updated with new releases you can get a couple thousand downloads in a day easy. If you submit your site to any of the top 100 Rom lists you can get some awesome traffic that way.
Alternatively you can submit to digg and reddit claiming that you've found the best DS Rom site on the web. Just remember to put a disclaimer on your site stating that all roms downloaded need to be deleted within 24 hours unless the legal copy is owned. That statement will keep your rom site legal so dont forget it!

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