Sunday, August 22, 2010

THIRD STEP - ShareCash

Method 2: Orkut and Myspace method

Signup to yahoo and myspace account. Make around 300-400 friends on them. It will take little
bit of time but you can do it easily if you spend around 1 hour daily on that and add around 50
persons a day. Its not so easy but its not even so hard. I got around 500 friends within two
Most important thing: Concentrate only of UK, US and Canada people because sharecash only pays for these countries signups. It would be much easier for you if you join US and UK communities. If you are comfortable then try to make your profile by a girl’s name. Mostly people add a girl more commonly than a guy.
After creating a ID with 400-500 friends. Add your uploaded pic in your profile or update status.
For example:
Create a notepad file. Clock it with your sharecash link and add in your profile. Encourage peoples to download your file by saying that this is your phone number, coolest or sexiest pic of yours, or be wilder like this is my nude cam show download it. There will be many hornies there to download your stuff.
Update your profile daily and keep on adding more US and UK friends.

(Please be patient when read this site, you will never regret your time)